something to eat: cinnamon bun


…and the key to success is a filling that contains both cinnamon, vanilla sugar and almond icing!


R E C I P E: Cinnamon buns


150 g margarin/ 150 g margarine

5 dl 3% mjölk/ 5 dl milk

50 g jäst/ 50 gram yeast (I use dry yeast)

1*(3/4) tsk salt/ 1*(3/4) tsp salt

1*(4/5) dl socker/ 1*(4/5) dl sugar

2 tsk kardemumma/ 2 tsp cardamum

ca 12 dl vetemjöl/ ca 12 dl wheat flour

Mix the flour (start with 10-11 dl and add more afterwards) with the dry yeast, the spices and the sugar. Then melt the margarine and pour the milk on it. Heat it up to ca 50° and then mix it with the dry ingredients. If you mix it without machines (like me) work with it for like 6 minutes or so until you’ve got a fine paste. Then let it rise for 30 minutes.


120 g smör/ 120 g butter

1/2-3/4 dl socker/ 1/2-3/4 dl sugar

2 msk kanel/ 2 tablespoons of cinnamon

2 tsk vaniljsocker/2 teaspoons of vanilla sugar

125 g mandelmassa/ 125 g almond icing

Flatten out the paste to a thin rectangle and mix the ingredients to the filling exept from the almond icing (that is easier to sprinkle out after spreading out the rest of the filling). Spread out the filling on half of the paste, then fold the paste to half the size, cut out thin ribbons and ¨twist them into a nice shape”. Let them rise for another 30 minutes.

Överst/On top

1 ägg/1 egg

pärlsocker/ nib sugar

Brush the stirred egg on the buns and pour some nib sugar on top. Then bake the buns in the midle of the oven at 225° Celcius/ 437° Farenheit for ca 7 minutes (Watch up to avoid burning them!) take them out and immediately enjoy a warm bun with a glass of cold milk! Done!





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