something to eat: västerbottenpaj


det här är ingen matblogg. men. efter två västerbottenspajer på en vecka så kände jag mig nästan tvingad att lägga upp min variant av klassikern. så. här är receptet. (inkl. fula bilder)


// This wasn’t actually supposed to be a food blog, but well, after doing this “famous swedish dish/pie” twice the past week I felt almost forced to share my version of the recipe! The pie is almost always served at Swedish autumn parties along with crayfishes and suits very good to serve on a buffe! The originalrecipe goes with “västerbottenost” and gives the pie it’s characteristic taste but any well crusted cheese should work! //

R E C I P E: v ä s t e r b o t t e n p a j (4-6 persons)


2 dl vetemjöl/1.5 dl wheat meal

1 dl grahamsmjöl/ 1dl graham meal

linseed after inclination

125 g margarin/ 125 g margarine

0.5 msk kallt vatten/ 0.5 tablespoon cold water

Just mix the ingredients and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours/over the night. Then put it in a pie plate and pre bake it at 200° Celcius (392° Farenheit) for 10 minutes or so and do the filling while it’s in the oven!


150 g västerbottenost/ 150 g well crusted cheese

1.5 dl 3% mjölk/ 1.5 dl milk

1.5 dl vispgrädde/ 1.5 dl double cream

3 eggs

salt, pepper

Boil up the milk and cream together and add the cheese while stirring it. Then add the eggs and the spices (Not to much salt, the cheese is salty already!) After that bake it in the middle of the oven at 150° Celcius (302° Farenheit) for 45 minutes or something like that. The resualt doesn’t always look beautiful, but trust me, it taste good (at least it should…)^^

This is a mix out from different recipes and with some changes from me, please try it and then share your opinions to make it even better!


Pic 1: Ingredients for the filling


Pic 2: After the pre-baking


Pic 3: The filling


Pic 4: Before baking


Pic 5: The resualt


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