Amsterdam I: what tourists imagine



So. A few weeks ago I went to Amsterdam for a couple of days. Pretty soon after that I publicated one photo from the travel and after that noting. But, for those of you who might think that I took that only photo standing on the bridge-then taking out the sd-card-and after that dropped my camera in the water- and because of that disn’t took one more picture- I can confess that wasn’t really what happened. Until this day my camera has been on plenty of adventures far more “dangerous” than dingling out from a bridge, for example going out with the surf boat, riding a raft, chilled on a canoe, climbe trees and rocks etc… Well, what I mean is simply that the lack of pictures that not depend on me losing my camera in the water. I took more pictures. Plenty of them. Far too many of them. Which is why this is part 1 of 3. End of story.

The hostels are small, ugly and bad-located?

Wrong! I guess you can have good luck or bad luck but it’s definitely possible to find a nice plave to stay at even if you don’t want to pay a fortune. We stayed at a place called Winston wich was great and I recommend, even if it could be a good thing to know that the target group definitely is young people who likes music, beer and to get to know other people. I worried a bit about the location-very central but also very close to Red Light District, but it turned out that it was close to everything and not messy at all. And also, which we found out on our next to last day: The chocolate café next door is fantastic and their mud cake is to die for. Try it!


Our hotelroom


View from our hotelroom

Red Light District is a dangerous and terribly place?

Wrong. I wouldn’t say it’s more dangerous than any other place. And you don’t have to avoid the street like some seem to think. Actually it’s hard to do, since the channeltreet is located just in the centre of the city. Some of the red signs are lit daytime but most of them goes on in the evening and stays on until one pm which also is the time when most of the bar closes, which felt a bit weird…But if you want to stay out until late you can alway visit one of many nightclubs instead. I guess I should add that I don’t for a moment like the way it works with The Red Light girls and the whole concept, since I really think that prostituation is something terribly, so I’m not trying to glorify it in any way, but on the other side; prostitution exist in probably every country so maybe it’s better to show it than to hide it and pretend that it doesn’t exists?


You can buy “whatever you want” everywhere?

Wrong. You can find “interesting” products in many stores but since marijuana only is ok to sell under “controlled forms”, which is why (at least as far as I know) maybe not are “as bad as they might look like”. If you really want to smoke you go to a coffe shop where the staff are supposed to know about what they’re selling and ready to help you. (I don’t recommend anyone to try, though.



You can buy spacecakes and cannabis?

True. Even though I don’t know what you would want to do with a cannabis plant at home-if you against doubt would get it through the airport, since it’s not really ok to grow those plants in other countries, at least not in Sweden.



There are a lot of sex related shops?

True. Very true. And. The imagination among them who comes up with the stuff is huge, very huge, and sometimes (or very often) even incomprehensible. And. Let’s put it like this; you might meet some trouble while trying to find a nice postcard to send back home to your grand mother…


The alcohol is cheap?

Very true.



There are channels and bridges everywhere?

True! It is. And it’s beautiful! And here is where this part has come to an end and where I’ll take up from next time.

DSC_1102 part 1



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