Uppsala by Night

So. First, I don’t really do nightphotos. And second, I sold my tripod. And third, I don’t have an external flash. But still, here is a small attempt to show how beautiful my hometown can be after that the day has come to an end. As you may notice there are only three photos from two views shown, but according to my shakey hands I think that’s ok.



Uppsala Cathedral and Saluhallen, Uppsala Sweden, 27th of August 2013 © mbee


Saluhallen by Night, Uppsala Sweden, 27th of August © mbee


Uppsala Cathedral, Sweden, 26th of August 2013 © mbee


6 thoughts on “Uppsala by Night

  1. Beautiful shots, and really too bad that you sold your tripod (how could you!). Shooting the golden & blue hour shots are made so much better with a tripod ~ although you did such a good job with your night time shots.

    • Thank you! Well, I don’t really know how I was thinking, but I guess it had something to do with my student economy plus me not using it very much… But yes, too bad now!

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