Tjejmilen 2013, Stockholm © mbee

This weekend I’d promised a friend of mine to work as a volunteer at Tjejmilen, a running competition exlusive for women. Our job mainly consisted of shouting to the participants that they’d done a very good job, but that they, unfortunately, couldn’t lay down or just stop and stand just behind the finishline but that they’d to continue 50 m more to the water table and that way make place for others running behind. This wasn’t always the easiest thing to tell people who just wanted to catch their breath after that they’d run a mile in bright sunshine… (Even though the conditions had to be thought of as better than last year, when it was cold and rainy.) Everything went pretty smooth though, in the race which 27 000 women run. As an old runner I actually begun thinking about maybe participate next year, myself and who knows, you should never say never…



Photo 2: Women on their way to the race.


Photo 3: I found somone who was a bit better equipped than me…


Photo 4: Waiting for the winner.


Photo 5: It was actually very hot for beeing a September day in Sweden as you may see on the shadows.


Photo 6: A small shower was appreciated by many.


Photo 7: Everyone got a medal.


Photo 8: It was really crowded. Notice the supervisor above…


Photo 9 and 10: The race’s cutest (but actually not allowed) participants.


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