Some days I just can’t stop feeling insufficient. That I’m not good enough and that I don’t help other people as much as I could if I just tried a little bit more. Not that I don’t have things to do, to claim that would be nothing but a big lie. But still. If I rescheduled my days or maybe went to the gym more seldom or just studied much harder and more effective when I should, maybe then I could spend a bit more time with the people I care for. Because it really sucks when you know that family or friends aren’t pleased with their situations in different ways. I just want everyone to be happy and enjoy their lives, to have proper job (or more basically; at least to have a job), a home they want to return to as well as friends to talk to and a partner to trust and love and when that’s not how it is, it makes me sad.


Beach, Lombok, Asia, 2012-04-21 © mbee


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