So. Yesterday I praised my absolute favourite lense, in public. It’s the one I’ve used maybe 99.9/100 shots since I bought it together with my camera, maybe two years ago or so. I guess that was wrong of me. I guess  that I should’ve been quiet and kept it as a secret or something. Because yesterday, which was a very sunny autumn day, I’d brought it to school so that I could maybe get some photos on my way back home-IT WAS BROKEN! Almost dead I’d say. I’d observed from a couple of weeks or so that it behaved a bit strange. It was struggling while I was zooming and it was pretty inertial and I could also, unfortunately, see some connection between that and an occurance that happened a while ago when the camera somehow found it’s way to the street (in a way too fast speed). But I just didn’t expect this to happen. Suddenly it was all stuck and wouldn’t let me zoom anything and when I tried to take a photo anyway, it overexposured as if it wanted to let the whole sun into the camera… So. What can I say. I’m pretty devasted at the moment. My friend clearly is in a very bad shape and I don’t want to let him go.


Retainer  © mbee




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