One week ago I went out too look for mushrooms with my father. Or well, in the end he was the one looking for mushrooms and I was the one playing with the camera in the wonderful light that shone down through the trees. I still did find a couple of mushrooms too, I’m not nat bad and even though we got lost a bit in the end it was a very nice woodwalk.



DSC_0706 bättre blogg

DSC_0723 blogg bättre

DSC_0726 bättre blogg

DSC_0731 bättre blogg

Photo 1,2,3,4,5, Autumn in Uppsala, Sweden © mbee


3 thoughts on “woodwalking

  1. I wish I knew enough to be able to pick mushrooms. I wish I’d paid more attention when I was a little girl, doing it with family and older friends. But these days I “pick” them your way, though this year I didn’t do so well for reasons unknown.

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