The Soup

So. Time for one of those, I-don’t know-what-I’m-writing-about-and-what-blog-this-is-supposed to be. Or more straight; it’s time for a recipe! The day before yesterday me and my little sister finally did our pumkinman and had a nice dinner together along with spiders, finger-sausages and green worm-noodles. It all turned out pretty great and I must admit that I’m pretty impressed by myself and my pumpkin-cutting. Well, maybe not the most advanced model ever, but still, to be my first, I’m pleased!

Then while making our pumpkin man I realized that I’d to do something about the pulp. The question was what though, since I can’t even think of a occasion when I’ve eaten pumkin at all. (It’s not the most common dish in Sweden I guess. But. This evening I made a soup based on the pumpkin and it turned out pretty good so I thought I’d share it, if anyone here is interested!

Post Halloween Soup


4-5 dl Pumkin pulp

2 White onions

1 Red onion

2 or 3 Garlic cloves (I didn’t have any but I got to lend 2 from a neighbour)

3 different sorts of pepper (or at least 2; makes a better taste than only just one…)

1 can of mashed tomatoes

1.5 dl of dry lentils (use 4.5 dl water for this)

some oil

one can of coconut milk

one can of corn

some squeezed orange


Salt, pepper

Cinnamon (a bit)


The Ingredients

What to do

Boil the pumpkin bites until softened (maybe 15 min, depending on how big). Boil the lentils. Fry the onions and the garlic (not to much). Mix it up with the pumpkin, add everything else and mix it to a pretty plane mush. Spices after taste, but don’t use to less cumin!


The Boiling


The Pepper

(While cooking it’s a good thing if you know someone who likes to grow pepper. I do and because of that I could use 3 different pepper types:) I Think these are chilipepper de cayenne, tabasco and adorno.)

Now, your soup is ready to eat!



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