paus (and a x-mas without snow)

So. I really don’t know how it happened, but when logging in on my account I just realized that I haven’t written in almost a month. Well, I guess other thing has stolen my time (like x-mas prep’s even if I don’t even like it, family, school and stuff like that) but maybe now, when it’s even new year it’s time for a little re-start. Don’t expect to much though, since I’ve a pretty big test in like 9 days or something like that but still I thougt it was nice just to drop in and say hello.


X-mas in Uppsala wasn’t really a snowy one. Actually it wasn’t any white at all. Green, green and a little of brown is all that you see wherever you go. And the temperature is almost like late Oct-Nov or Feb-March something. Which is very very weird. Well. Nice in some ways, absolutely. (For runners, for everyone who doesn’t like freezing and for those who like to go by bike.) But you also get this weird feeling that x-mas maybe never really happened this year. Because the x-mas-vacation always use to be snowy, and now; nothing. Also, it’s easy to understand that it must get colder sooner or later since it cannot be like this and then just start getting warmer since it’s still only January. And because of that it could of course’ve been nice to get those really freezing days during x-mas instead. Well. I’ll just stop complain. It’s really not a problem for me anyway.
I hope everyone else had a great x-mas, white or green!


A snowy Decemberday in Uppsala some years ago, 2008 © mbee


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