return of spring


1.  Hepaticas From The Distance… © mbee


2. A bit Closer © mbee


Crawling-position… © mbee


4. Behind The Moss © mbee

Yesterday I ran around wearing only shorts and a sport top. Do I have to say something else? It was wonderful and fantastic and maybe the best Saturday in weeks. And while I was biking along the river I noticed that the light was perfect and the reflections from the trees in the water was really nice so I raced home and got my camera and ran back. (Instead of staying inside to study, as planned…) And suddenly I saw a glimplse of something blue in the grass… …Which was the only reason why I spent maybe 1 hour or at least half an hour crawling on the ground… I cursed that I hadn’t brought my macro lense, but tried to do something creative whith what I carried with me… And here’s a sneak-peak;)


3 thoughts on “return of spring

  1. One of Nature’s true miracles ! Not only to watch these beauties, emerging from the cold and appearently dead ground, but look what amazing color Nature can create, the intense blue of Anemone Hepatica. Thanks for crawling !

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