About me

I take pictures. A lot of pictures. And this is the space where I get to share my passion to all and everyone who happens to trip over my page and after that, are interested enough to stay for a little while. I live in Sweden but love to travel and get to know other places. My favourite motives are nature (which is shown in the blog) and people (children in particular, which is not shown in the blog because of respect for the same ones). Photos from travels will be shown here and there since visiting new countries is something I really like (Which I’ve already told you, so just to make sure it really cannot be misstaken…)

All of the photos are taken by me and because of that I count on and appreciate that noone uses my photos without my permission.

If you are interested in buying one of my photos, just send me a pm and I’ll contact you.

Also, I like comments. Feedback on your photos are always great, but also a comment about something totally different can be intresting.

Have a good day!


Ps Feel free to follow me at instagram too: new account-mbeephoto 🙂

Contact: mbess@live.se



8 thoughts on “About me

  1. To us, the viewers, your pictures bring love and happiness. Nature, when observed through your camera, becomes alive, revealing magic secrets. Amazing !

    • Well, thank you very much! Haha, cannot really see why anyone would be jealous of that right now though. Grey, cold and wet days is what you see too often right now. But still, Sweden has it’s good parts as well, like every part of the world. Sometimes it’s just hard to see that when you do live here. But you should visit north Sweden spring time or more southern parts during summer season;)

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