pink and blue


Pink and Blue, March 2014 © mbee

Continuation from yesterday’s flowerbomb. Not all of them where blue…



DSC_1567 bra

Crocuses, Sweden, March 2014 © mbee


Coltsfoot, Sweden, March 2014 © mbee

DSC_1575 bra

Coltsfoot a bit closer, Sweden. March 2014 © mbee

DSC_1586 bra

Crocus with a shadow, Sweden, March 2014 © mbee

This spring is actually pretty extraordinary here in Sweden. It’s higher temperatures than it use to be in March and now, flowers have begun to show up. It’s so fascinating to obeserve people on the streets this time at the year, because almost everybody smiles, compared to the wintertimes when most people look angry or tired or at least nonchalant. Great changes, in other words! I hope you have great weather as well!

Ps All photos today was shot with my 35 (1-1.8) lense. Can’t wait until I got my 90/2.8 back from a friend I lend it to the past weekend!! So good to have when things start to grow outside again. Ds


fifteen minutes from home

image_1.jpg xxx

bestämde mig för att ta en kvällspromenad, då jag kom hem efter jobbet, för någon dag sedan. och detta är vad jag hittade under den turen. (Höll på att frysa ihjäl på väg hem då promenaden blev ungefär dubbelt så lång som jag tänkt innan, men den fantastiska himlen jag fick uppleva på slutet, vägde upp den olägenheten.)


// I decided to take a evening walk after coming home from work some days ago. this is what I found. (I almost froze to death at the end of the walk since it got really cold, but the amazing sky I got to observe really overweighed it. //


© mbee

DSC_0315 bra

Man and Dog © mbee


© mbee


© mbee

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Curious Cow © mbee


Flowerpath © mbee

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Magical Sunset © mbee