to survive one more time


Mist Over Bridge, Sweden, January 2014 © mbee

It’s so strange sometimes. When I went to high school I could almost tell if a test’d turn out good or bad, but now, while studying at the university it’s all upside down. I almost always believe that I’m going to fail, and then a couple of weeks later the resualt is back and it wasn’t as bad as I thought at all. Last week wasn’t a exception. And of course it’s great in the end, but the time between test and feed-back really is my definition of hell. Anyone else?!

Enough said about that. Has been a while since I entered here. Guess I’d better cling on to my snow/cold/winter-theme (even if it almost feels like spring is slowly beginning to reach my town). Here’s another one from this day.



Amsterdam in bw

DSC_1135 blogg

Walking over Bridge, Amsterdam,  August 2013 © mbee

DSC_1479 blogg

Lunch Break in Amsterdam, August 2013 © mbee

So. Even though the autumn still is very beautiful and I was out taking some pictures (under the pretext that I was looking for mushrooms) I thought that maybe it’s time for a short break from all of the colours and woods and trees and green, that has filled up the blog lately. And voíla, here’s some Amsterdam instead! Even without colours. The Amsterdam trip really was a good one and I’m sure I’ll go back there soon.