return of winter


So. Everyone in Uppsala and the rest of Sweden I believe, thought that spring was here to stay, but I guess we just forgot that it’s only March yet, because this is what it looked like today. It started to snow again a couple of days ago and this day snow started in the morning and hasn’t stopped yet…

How is it at your places? Still snow and cold just like here?;)




Pink burning winter sky


Pink Burning Winter Sky, Uppsala, December 2013 (c) mbee

Without doubt the coolest sky I’ve seen so far this winter. I was a sitting in the library when I heard the girl sitting next to me whisper to her friend and pointing at the window, took a glance and went totally stunned. The whole sky was covered in dark pink and the view was marvelous. I ran out asap, but unfortunately I only had my phone, so this pic cannot give that view fairness, but no matter what, I just had to show you!



travelling too light


Streetart, Amsterdam (Yes, not Berlin…), August 2013 © mbee

So. It was a while since I wrote something here and I guess it may have something to do with school. (A very qualificed guess.) Well, just this last weekend I made a pretty spontaneous trip to Berlin, only Friday to Monday, to visit someone I like and missed. And when I say spontaneous I really mean it, since I litterally decided to go there in the morning, just before lunch and the flight was at 7 pm. And I almost suprised myself by going with only a hand luggage, which may not sound very cool, at least not for a man, but for me it was something of a new experience. Not only in a good way though. Because after having spent one first “photo-free-day”- you know, trying to just hang out and take in the city without a big lense vovering your face- I thought that it was time to let the camera become aquainted with the city for a while. And that was when I realized two things; I hadn’t loaded the battery before leaving home (never happened before, really) and I hadn’t brought my charger either. Great work, just great. So. Well. This is probably the first time ever while I’m coming home after a trip; big or small without even one single photo to show. (Yes, I got some photos for sure, but I decided to save those photos I could get for private stuff, which won’t be shown here. (Even if I don’t for a moment belive that people have already seen more photos from Berlin than what’s neccesary.

And. The trip was great anyway. So good to get some fresh air, some more plus degrees and some new streets to walk on as change from the everyday life.

As a substitute for a photo from Berlin that never was taken; here’s just a pic of a sticker on a wall in Amsterdam that I found interesting at that time…


Amsterdam in bw

DSC_1135 blogg

Walking over Bridge, Amsterdam,  August 2013 © mbee

DSC_1479 blogg

Lunch Break in Amsterdam, August 2013 © mbee

So. Even though the autumn still is very beautiful and I was out taking some pictures (under the pretext that I was looking for mushrooms) I thought that maybe it’s time for a short break from all of the colours and woods and trees and green, that has filled up the blog lately. And voíla, here’s some Amsterdam instead! Even without colours. The Amsterdam trip really was a good one and I’m sure I’ll go back there soon.