return of winter


So. Everyone in Uppsala and the rest of Sweden I believe, thought that spring was here to stay, but I guess we just forgot that it’s only March yet, because this is what it looked like today. It started to snow again a couple of days ago and this day snow started in the morning and hasn’t stopped yet…

How is it at your places? Still snow and cold just like here?;)




to survive one more time


Mist Over Bridge, Sweden, January 2014 © mbee

It’s so strange sometimes. When I went to high school I could almost tell if a test’d turn out good or bad, but now, while studying at the university it’s all upside down. I almost always believe that I’m going to fail, and then a couple of weeks later the resualt is back and it wasn’t as bad as I thought at all. Last week wasn’t a exception. And of course it’s great in the end, but the time between test and feed-back really is my definition of hell. Anyone else?!

Enough said about that. Has been a while since I entered here. Guess I’d better cling on to my snow/cold/winter-theme (even if it almost feels like spring is slowly beginning to reach my town). Here’s another one from this day.


postponing stuff


Snowy Big City Dreams, Feb 2010 © mbee

en timmes promenad med syster som avbrott under pluggandet var tanken. saken är bara den att det brukar ju sällan stanna där. en timma blir lätt till två och tre…och fyra…och fem timmar slutade den delvis ofrivilliga pausen på. och voíla plötsligt hade jag inte längre möjlighet att gå hem klockan åtta och hinna iväg och träna som var tanken, utan återvände till biblioteket klockan sju för att stanna till klockan 12. kul. liv. (särskilt när man inte klätt sig för att vara ute på natten och halvt hinner frysa ihjäl under cykelfärden hem. dagens bild får symbolisera den kylan.


// Am I the only one who think that those strict-1-hour-breaks u sometimes set up between studies, work, or else often has a strange tendency of stretching themselves out and somehow ending up as a fully-3-hours-absence? Well that happened to me this day, one hour walking went into five (?!) hours of walking, eating and buying stuff which was the reason why I returned to the library not until 7 in the evening and then leaving at midnight. great postponing really. I even almost freezed to death during my biking home in the night since I wasn’t really dressed nor prepared for nightly adventures… Photo of the day may represent my feelings on my way home… //