Hello. Really bad update atm… So, just thought I’d say hello and also tell about my instagram-page if anyone would be interested… Anyway, mbeephoto it says! And I might be a bit more acitive there too be honest;)

UPDATE: ps Please tell yours!!! Always fun too discover new albums! ds



Ladybird, Sweden, 2012 © mbee


looking for inspiration

Hello. Just realized that I don’t know many photoblogs, so I was thinking that maybe someone, who might read this, would want to do me the favor and recommend one or two intresting blogs? (Your own or someone else’s.) I’d really appreciate it!



Ladybird Upside Down © mbee

I know that wordpress does have a a search engine, but I don’t really seem to find what I’m looking for. I’d like to find a nice phot blog with pictures of maybe nature, animals (macro or else), outdoor sports, travelpics or streetphoto. B/w photos are always interesting as well.  More or less a blog with photos in the same genres as my own; in a more homogenious way or just as motley as my own…

So, if you’d want to help me with this, I’d be very greatful!



ok, jag har redan nämnt att detta inte skulle vara ännu en plats för mina instagrambilder men jag måste nästan dela dessa ändå. en timma för tidig till jobbet slängde jag mig ner i en backe med högt gräs för att sola innan det var dags att tillbringa resten av dagen inomhus och titta vad jag hittade!


/So. One hour early to work. What do you do exept From lying down in the high Grass to get some sun before spending the rest of the day inside? I’m really not a fan of posting instagram pics but u just have to see what I found! //