return of spring


1.  Hepaticas From The Distance… © mbee


2. A bit Closer © mbee


Crawling-position… © mbee


4. Behind The Moss © mbee

Yesterday I ran around wearing only shorts and a sport top. Do I have to say something else? It was wonderful and fantastic and maybe the best Saturday in weeks. And while I was biking along the river I noticed that the light was perfect and the reflections from the trees in the water was really nice so I raced home and got my camera and ran back. (Instead of staying inside to study, as planned…) And suddenly I saw a glimplse of something blue in the grass… …Which was the only reason why I spent maybe 1 hour or at least half an hour crawling on the ground… I cursed that I hadn’t brought my macro lense, but tried to do something creative whith what I carried with me… And here’s a sneak-peak;)


return of winter


So. Everyone in Uppsala and the rest of Sweden I believe, thought that spring was here to stay, but I guess we just forgot that it’s only March yet, because this is what it looked like today. It started to snow again a couple of days ago and this day snow started in the morning and hasn’t stopped yet…

How is it at your places? Still snow and cold just like here?;)




DSC_1567 bra

Crocuses, Sweden, March 2014 © mbee


Coltsfoot, Sweden, March 2014 © mbee

DSC_1575 bra

Coltsfoot a bit closer, Sweden. March 2014 © mbee

DSC_1586 bra

Crocus with a shadow, Sweden, March 2014 © mbee

This spring is actually pretty extraordinary here in Sweden. It’s higher temperatures than it use to be in March and now, flowers have begun to show up. It’s so fascinating to obeserve people on the streets this time at the year, because almost everybody smiles, compared to the wintertimes when most people look angry or tired or at least nonchalant. Great changes, in other words! I hope you have great weather as well!

Ps All photos today was shot with my 35 (1-1.8) lense. Can’t wait until I got my 90/2.8 back from a friend I lend it to the past weekend!! So good to have when things start to grow outside again. Ds


not on the top of the world


inget personligt. var ett av ledorden då jag startade denna blogg. bilder och ännu mera bilder och mindre fokus på text och främst mig. alltså får rubriken stå kvar, medan någon närmare beskrivning undviks. att gå in på detaljer är ändå varken något som gynnar mig eller dig, som evetuellt råkar snubbla över sidan. och jag antar att vi alla har våra bättre och sämre dagar. här är iallafall en halvt ofokuserad färgbomb, tagen rakt ut genom mitt fönster iallafall. äntligen börjar träden få lite blad.


// Since this isn’t supposed to be a personally blog I don’t intend to explain the headline. I guess we all have our up’s and down’s. It’s just that it’s harder sometimes when you’ve caused them by yourself. Well. Anyway, here’s a bit of a colour-explosion. Spring is really here now. //

I’m back


Hepaticas and wood anemone, April 2013 © mbee

det tog väl ungefär sex dagar av ganska så kontinuerligt bloggande innan skeppet började ta in liite för mkt vatten och strax befann sig under ytan, tyngd av liite för mkt saker att göra på samma gång. precis som vanligt mao. inga konstigheter. har väl inte massor av intressanta saker att anföra idag heller, då jag sitter redo att försöka formulera något användbart att använda till morgondagens seminarium och även gärna göra 1000 saker till i studiesyfte (vilket inte kommer att ske-noll disciplin plus supertrött) men här är iallafall en liten vårbild. så konstigt. de senaste fyra dagarna har det varit stekhett…ja för att vara sverige då dvs. men ändå har knappt några knoppar på träden slagit ut. jaja. nog tjatat. dags för plugg…


// So I managed to keep up the continous posting for six days or something like that, which actually was like a victory for me, but well after that I´ve just had 2 much too do. Stressy like hell, just like always… But still, here’s just another flowerpic among many, that I shot some days ago. Besides, wood anemone, what a wonderful name for a flower! Now; time for some studying…zzzz //